When social media users spend 21% more after experiencing excellent customer service, you can’t afford to do it wrong.

While social media has opened up countless new opportunities for companies and customers to communicate, maintaining these progressively more intense and quick-fire interactions has become increasingly difficult, costly, and often confusing.

Developing professional responses and doing so both swiftly and publicly is a balancing act even the most well-known companies have failed to consistently sustain. According to think tank thinkJar, more than half of all customer service requests on social media aren’t even acknowledged.

But there is a way to simplify and improve the customer service experience on social media. Leveraging live chat within your social media platforms can enhance dialogue between customers and your brand, speed issue resolution and provide valuable customer insights. Here are three ways live chat can elevate your social media customer service.

Give Immediate, Individualized Attention

Customers expect companies to provide instantaneous service via social media platforms. It’s an expectation that is generally hard to live up to unless constantly monitored. Fair or not, a speedy response is vital. By directing customers to a live chat option within social media platforms, companies have the opportunity to provide individualized customer support while reducing negative sentiment and taking the conversation out of the public eye.

Create an Omnichannel Experience

You never know how a customer will decide to reach out or where their last interaction took place. Integrating live chat and social media ensures customers experience your brand as a seamless, single entity, and that all inquiries, service tickets and company responses are centralized and consistent. This practice simplifies the process of tracking, escalating and rectifying a customer’s inquiry, and saves time, effort and staffing demands.

Use Social Media for Customer Insights

The best enterprise live chat solutions don’t just offer a button to drop on your social media page. They provide customer service representatives with instant access to essential customer social media data, even when the inquiry didn’t come through social media. By better understanding your customers, your company is not only better able to address issues, but upsell, cross-sell and provide an exceptional experience.

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