Advanced customer experience programs use social media and live chat integration to deliver proactive service—and improve ROI in the process.

A recent survey of CMOs showed that, while big money is spent on social media, only 11.5% of companies are able to show the quantitative effects of social media on their bottom line.
Increase social media ROI with live chat

Companies with the most advanced social programs are not simply sharing and commenting; the early-adopters of profitable social media programs leverage third party tools and technologies to implement, execute, and track sophisticated strategies.

While tools like deep linking in Twitter’s Direct Messaging claim to “connect the dots” for companies measuring touch points along the customer journey, these mainstream solutions likely won’t elevate companies into the top 11.5%. Enterprises that want to leverage social media for ROI require a robust tool—one that can track person-to-person interactions through the entire customer journey and provide a valuable feedback loop to agents and CMOs alike.

Here’s how:

Quick and Qualified Answers

By leveraging enterprise-level social-to-live chat integration, CMOs can reduce the time their marketing teams spend wondering what to do with what are really customer service inquiries. And customers receive a more consistent experience. Plugging in live chat during the research, decision, and finally onboarding phases of the customer journey means lower online attrition and improved conversion rates at every stage. Trained customer service agents have instant access to previous chat records, social profile information, CRM details and more, making it easier for them to handle inquiries swiftly and efficiently, providing the customer with the answers needed before there’s time to consider another vendor.

Hands-on Hyper Care for Customer Experience

Sometimes there’s no a quick answer to an inquiry, and public comments aren’t the best platform for figuring out tough customer service issues. When prospects and customers encounter confusion, they’ll look for a clear, direct answer. Followers will likely get frustrated with excessive alerts, and marketing team members might spin their wheels looking for information that’s not readily available to them. This is where live chat comes in to reduce friction and wait times. Integrating enterprise live chat into social media keeps response times low, satisfaction rates high, service reps informed, and marketing teams marketing, ultimately returning more dollars and cents to the bottom line.

Are you delivering customer service on social media the right way? Find out.

Quantifying the Value of Social Media – and Customer Service

Most marketers struggle to connect social media engagement to prospect and customer actions making it nearly impossible to directly tie a dollar amount to social media success. Live chat tools like Velaro capture at least some of this as customers with concerns or questions pass into the live chat platform where exceptional tracking and chat-to-shopping cart integrations tie individual events to data.

We already know that social media users are willing to spend 21% more on companies that deliver excellent customer service, and integrating live chat is the first step to harnessing the power of social buyers. By converting inquiries on social media to live chat sessions—and tracking the success rates—companies can both prove and boost the value of the social media platform when it comes to delivering an exceptional customer experience and driving revenue.

With enterprise live chat, CMOs can create a more efficient and effective social media and customer service experience. Learn more about generating lift with Velaro’s social media integrations.