Haulaway, the pioneer of temporary portable storage containers to the construction industry, uses Velaro Live Chat to better engage website visitors and convert them into paying customers.

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In 1968, Haulaway Storage Containers, Inc was the first company to offer temporary portable storage containers to the construction industry. By 1970, Haulaway was designing and manufacturing storage containers of different sizes, to meet the diverse needs of its growing customer base. Today, Haulaway is the premiere provider of highly secure portable steel storage containers throughout the Western United States.

The Challenge

Haulaway noticed that roughly 25% of their website visitors preferred to communicate via web form or email, rather than via phone. Knowing that potential leads get cold fast, Haulaway decided to implement Velaro Live Chat, to allow staff to engage leads more immediately.

“The rate at which we’re closing sales from website visitors has improved noticeably since implementing Velaro Live Chat. It was very easy to install, and whenever we have any issues, their live support team has been quick to respond and is very knowledgeable.”

– Jack Mitchell, Director of Sales and Marketing, Haulaway

The Solution

After researching several live chat options, Haulaway ultimately decided to partner with Velaro Live Chat on account of its capabilities and its reputation for excellent customer service. From a functional standpoint, Velaro Live Chat allows Haulaway to engage visitors in small groups (rather than 1:1) and to advance conversations more quickly and easily through Haulaway’s prewritten responses.

Presently, Haulaway is experimenting with Velaro Live Chat’s ability to push visitors who’ve engaged via chat to a specific page (for instance, a particular product page or relevant webform page). Additionally, Haulaway is preparing to customize (and optimize) their customer-facing chat interface, to make it easier and more aesthetically pleasing for website visitors to engage a Haulaway rep. The flexibility of Velaro Live Chat makes changes like this comparatively easy to implement, remove, and re-implement as your company’s priorities, branding, etc. change.

In addition, Haulaway’s implementation of live chat has allowed the organization to:

  • Optimize agent productivity – Velaro’s real-time reporting allows Haulaway to best allocate their sales chat agents to website visitors.
  • Acquire new B2C customers more easily – pre-scripted chat messages can also be tailored to buyer profile, making it easier for chat agents to convey the most relevant features of Haulaway’s products and services to that audience.
  • Improve continuously – reviewing chat logs as an administrator makes it easy to evaluate and improve chat agent performance on a regular basis.


About Velaro

Velaro is a leading, award-winning live chat vendor. As one of the first technology companies to enter the live chat space – and the largest best of breed live chat vendor – we have accumulated a significant level of expertise in how to maximize live chat ROI. This expertise is made available to our customers via our Success Management program. Regardless of the size of your organization, every Velaro client can rely on a success manager to guide them through the implementation and ongoing performance improvement of their live chat investment.