A leading provider of skincare products in brick and mortar stores and online, AHAVA US, improved customer service and increased conversions with Velaro Live Chat.

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AHAVA Dead Sea Laboratories was founded in 1988 to study the benefits of Dead Sea minerals for the purposes of innovating products and practices in the skincare industry. In the more than 25 years since its founding, AHAVA has established online and brick and mortar stores serving customers worldwide.

The Challenge

AHAVA’s US branch needed a more powerful customer service and lead generation live chat solution, one that met five criteria:

1. Integrates with Magento
2. Accommodates custom branding
3. Easy to learn
4. Quick to implement and design
5. Provides insight to support continuous improvement

AHAVA US chose Velaro Live Chat and as a result, despite a tight timeline, was up and running in time for the holidays!

“Velaro Live Chat is the best solution for a Magento Live Chat Extension and a great retention and conversion tool for ecommerce.”

– Scott Markman, Dir. eCommerce, AHAVA US

The Solution

The implementation process for AHAVA’s instance of Velaro took three days, including establishing custom design for the chat windows to conform with AHAVA’s brand.

Additionally, because Velaro’s interface is very user-friendly, extensive training was not necessary; AHAVA customer service reps learned the system quickly and were able to start directly engaging online shoppers after implementation.

While the speed of implementation and training was an immediate value to AHAVA, since they first began using Velaro Live Chat, AHAVA US has enjoyed other, ongoing benefits as well:

  • A Baseline of Excellent Customer Service- rather than forcing customers to wait for a phone call or email to be responded to, and risk losing business when the customer is done waiting, AHAVA gives their shoppers quick access to customer service agents. This improves the customer experience of doing business with their brand but also mitigates missed opportunities by engaging potential customers before they abandon their interest.
  • Increased Lead Generation- as noted immediately above, because shoppers can easily connect with the customer service team on the website, AHAVA US has enjoyed a general increase in conversions since implementing Velaro Live Chat
  • Sustained Improvement- Velaro’s reporting system allows AHAVA US to identify their reps’ respective successes and areas of improvement, enabling them to replicate what’s working across their team and grow from learning what isn’t


About Velaro

Velaro is a leading, award-winning live chat vendor. As one of the first technology companies to enter the live chat space – and the largest best of breed live chat vendor – we have accumulated a significant level of expertise in how to maximize live chat ROI. This expertise is made available to our customers via our Success Management program. Regardless of the size of your organization, every Velaro client can rely on a success manager to guide them through the implementation and ongoing performance improvement of their live chat investment.