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Using eCommerce Live Chat to Become a Top Performer

eCommerce live chat, when it’s done right, does more than invite a customer to journey further down the sales funnel (“Is there anything I can help you with?” for instance- but I’ll get back to that at the end).

In this featured Shopify Blog titled "21 Proven eCommerce Marketing Strategies to Try in 2022", a few of the key components discussed were:

- 1) Reduce abandoned carts.

- 2) Engage online store visitors with live chat.

- 3) Anticipate future sales.

eCommerce Live Chat is Habit-Forming

Online storefronts find value in eCommerce live chat because their shoppers find value in it. Competitiveness in online shopping has become a war over convenience and over customer experience. Live chat software removes the pain of searching and can remove the pain of decision-making, making the customer experience as simple as:
Customer: “I want X.”
Chat Agent: “Here you go!” (send the appropriate link, or push the customer to the relevant page directly)

By making it as easy as possible, you are removing the roadblocks that give customers a reason to change their minds about buying from you immediately. This reduces shopping cart abandonment and exit rate on your website from visitors who don’t even make it so far as to have a cart. Increase revenue in the short-term by removing roadblocks. Increase revenue in the long-term by making the convenience of buying from you habit-forming.

eCommerce Live Chat Helps You Identify Your Best Customers

By taking advantage of live chat integration with Google Analytics, with your eCommerce software platform, and/or with your CRM tool, you can use eCommerce live chat to take advantage of insights you have into which visitors have already completed and/or which are likely to complete larger or more frequent purchases. You can read more about live chat integration here (specifically: what is a “need-to-have” vs. a “nice-to-have”).

These insights allow you prioritize and/or escalate (to a more senior sales rep) conversations with site visitors, while strategizing your live chat agents’ customer service. Live chat reporting can also help you keep an eye on rep performance, so you know whose tactics are most effective, who needs more attention/training, and what time periods demand more or fewer reps to optimize efficiency without compromising capacity.

eCommerce Live Chat Helps Jumpstart Growth

Though I was quick to move past using eCommerce live chat to “invite” a customer further down the sales funnel (as it is a basic function), it is basic for a reason. In order to increase revenue, you only have 2 “levers” you can adjust: 1) increase the number of customers purchasing (conversions) 2) increase the revenue per customer purchase. This latter option need not be a price increase but could represent an upsell opportunity.

Live chat software can assist in improving conversions (the number of customers purchasing) through proactive chat especially, but also through improving retention as discussed above.

In terms of revenue per purchase, eCommerce live chat can help in 3 ways:

  1. The sales rep can use live chat software to push the customer directly to the page for the higher-end product offering, making it easier for them to purchase it as they’re already on the page.
  1. Related to the first point, eCommerce live chat can help agents/sales reps determine the best opportunity for upsell. Many live chat software products update a rep when the visitor moves to another page, letting the rep know what the visitor is currently looking at. By utilizing this information, reps can get a sense for the upsell opportunities any given customer is most likely to be interested in.
  1. Through live chat integration, a chat prompt can proactively spawn when customers add certain items to their cart that remind them about relevant accessories (e.g. “I see you’re buying a flashlight – will you need batteries for that?”).

Feel free to contact us if you’re interested in learning more about how live chat software, such as eCommerce live chat, which can increase conversion rates, improve customer retention, scale proven successes, and improve upsell transactions.

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