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Millennials Matter: 5 Ways This Generation is Changing Customer Service

The biggest generation EVER is turning the customer service industry on its head. Are you ready?

The tech-savvy Millennial generation accounts for more than 25% of the United States’ population and are estimated to contribute $1.4 trillion in retail sales by 2020. Consequently, marketers are scrambling to crack the Millennial psyche by making major changes in how they approach customer relationship management.

Most notably, Millennials are taking back the power in the customer-brand relationship, and customer service is evolving to accommodate Millennial preferences in 5 main ways:

Millennials demand speed in service.

Millennials crave and value instant gratification. Think Uber, Venmo, and OpenTable; these apps provide services with a quick click of the button. In fact, a recent survey of Millennials showed 71% of online shoppers believe the most important thing a brand can do is value its customer’s time. During the information era, companies need to serve Millennials the information they seek—and fast—or risk being left behind.

Millennials do NOT want to call your 1-800 number.

32% of Millennials would rather pay a visit to the dentist for a teeth cleaning than talk to a customer service rep on the phone. Enough said. Millennials hate talking on the phone. Online chat and social media monitoring tools allow Millennials to stay off the phone while remaining informed.

During the buying cycle, Millennials are in control.

Millennials grew up with the Internet, smart phones, and information at their fingertips—literally. This influx of information at every stage of the buying cycle means more transparency and power for the consumer. Prices are no longer a mystery, reviews are everywhere, and consumers have multiple digital outlets to contact brands. This shift of power to the consumer means a demand for answers fast. 52% of consumers will abandon an online purchase if they can’t quickly find the information they seek. Brands are adapting by implementing essentials such as content libraries, FAQ features, and online chat to boost the purchasing funnel, reduce cart abandonment and provide the details Millennials crave when making an informed purchase.

Authenticity is a requirement for Millennials, and social media is the platform.

According to, 81% of Millennials would choose to interact with a brand through social media, vs. just 44% of Baby Boomers. Speed, ease of use, and on-demand information are top customer service priorities for the Millennial generation. Dynamic, socially integrated customer service will be a requirement in the future for interacting with social-savvy Millennials that insist on non-phone-based human interaction.

Multi-tasking Millennials insist on service that crosses devices.

Switching devices up to 27 times per hour, Millennials are everywhere all at once. Technology enables rapid search and information gathering across multiple platforms, and brands must adapt with responsive design and customer service. If your brand doesn’t have an easy-to-use customer service outlet accessible on mobile devices, Millennials will find another brand in the time it takes to open an app.

Adapting to Millennials won’t be easy, best-in-class companies looking to leverage the growing Millennial market will likely find success in being proactive and providing prompt customer service experience with this constantly connected generation.

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