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6 Ways to Make Your Customer Service 6 Times More Efficient Using Live Chat

Providing excellent customer service is a hallmark of a lasting company. It engenders customer loyalty and leads to repeat business; creating customers who become brand cheerleaders. Providing proper customer support can also be a real drain on the budget if your customer service providers are not taking advantage of these six ways to make customer service six times more efficient.

Be Like a Boy Scout and Be Prepared

The best way to ensure customer service efficiency, whether you are using click to call or live chat software is to be prepared. Provide your customer service team with the resources they need to answer customer questions: information, toggle screens, quick account lookups, and live chat application tools that make providing live help faster, more efficient, and more comprehensive.

If You’re Not Using Live Chat, Start Now

Want to immediately see an improvement in your revenue totals & averages? Introduce live chat support to your customers. Not only can chat applications help you respond more quickly to customers and reduce wait times, but you can better track service issues and trigger necessary follow-ups, ensuring efficient responses with more comprehensive service and better results.

Back Channeling: It’s Not Just for Good Marriages

Back channeling is a communication technique in which you provide acknowledgment of what the other party is saying, validating their concerns and making them feel heard. It’s great for husbands and wives but even better when providing live support. There’s nothing worse than already being frustrated and then staring at a blinking cursor, waiting for a customer service rep to respond to your live chat request or problem. Make your customers feel wanted, needed, and listened to by acknowledging their concerns and advising them about the next step you’ll be taking. It will save time because the customer will not feel the need to repeat the issue – or escalate it.

Be All Ears

Your team can’t solve problems without listening skills – and listening skills, a.k.a. reading between the lines, are just as crucial when using live chat software as they are on the phone. Regardless of how your team delivers service, it all starts with a sharp focus on what the customer really wants or needs and then responding appropriately. This will minimize misunderstandings and assumptions that lead to longer service times and lower quality.

Empower Customer Service Teams to Make Decisions

Nothing infuriates a customer more – or adds more pain to your revenue totals & averages – than a customer service rep who must ask a supervisor every time a customer wants something even slightly out of the ordinary. Empower your customer service reps to use live chat services as the tool it was intended to be: a rapid response to customer need that ensures you long-term customer satisfaction.

Ask the Right Questions

Training your customer service teams to stay in control of the conversation and ask the right questions is crucial to maintaining efficiency in any live chat environment. Providing excellent, efficient customer service means striking the perfect balance between getting to the heart of the matter and making sure customers don’t feel like they’re just another ticket to be resolved. Your customer service team needs to maintain control of the call or live chat, using live support software to efficiently gather the details necessary to resolve the issue and make decisions that will lead to a satisfactory resolution for the customer.

Customer service should not be considered an obligatory requirement of the business, but the first (and best) opportunity to transform potential customers into loyal brand ambassadors. The experience your customers have with your live support services will determine their opinion of your company – not just in the moment, but forever.

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