Recent headlines have made it clear that data breaches can happen, and don’t happen quietly. Don’t put your customers or your company at risk with vulnerable live chat.

When handling sensitive client information in live chat sessions, it’s important you trust your platform’s security, so your customers can trust you. Here are five important considerations for secure live chat in the financial services industry.

Chat security

The average live chat lasts about 16 minutes, but it can take just a moment for an unauthorized user or malicious content to do significant damage. Look for a live chat platform that uses secure socket layer (SSL) technology to employ server authentication and data encryption, so your data is safe and available to your organization’s registered users only. Content should also be monitored using enterprise-grade firewalls, intrusion detection systems and application content filters, with shared files being scanned using up-to-date anti-virus software.

Agent authorization

Authenticating your live chat agents is an important component of protecting your customer information. At a minimum, you’ll want a chat platform that provides granular role-based security options, so that account users can be designated as site administrator, department manager, or agent, granting varying levels of access. Exceptional live chat platforms also provide customizable agent settings, allowing you to mask credit card numbers in chat sessions, enable IP-based login restrictions or disable agents form emailing transcripts, among other heightened security measures.

Audit control

To maintain compliance with the financial services industry’s numerous certifications and standards, your live chat platform must maintain a complete audit trail. All changes to your account, including those made on the administrative side as well as by agents, should be recorded and available for review by your administrators. Leading live chat software also allows audit trail reports to be scheduled and automatically emailed to your team in a variety of formats on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Privacy and cookies

Your company’s privacy policies are an essential part of the trust you share with your customers. Be sure your live chat service provider has a commitment to never sell, rent or lease any client information to third parties. If cookies are used, ensure that sensitive information is not stored and that cookies are only saved for the duration of the visitor’s session whenever possible, to limit security vulnerability.

Data storage and encryption

Live chat happens in real time, but that data lives on. Look for a live chat platform that uses enterprise quality storage devices that are exclusively accessible through encrypted communication paths. User identity information should accompany every request to the live chat server to maintain complete segregation and privacy of customer data. Looking for even more peace of mind? Choose a live chat solution that allows you to pre-encrypt all chat conversations prior to permanent server storage using a private encryption key to which only your organization has access.

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