The quality of your live chat provider can mean the difference between success and failure.

Hands-TypingEven the most basic live chat service will connect your customer service reps with prospective and current customers. All live chat tools enable site visitors to engage with reps and get their questions answered quickly, therefore increasing their likelihood of conversion.

But there are some key limitations to mediocre live chat services that overshadow any possible cost savings. Lower-end live chat tools don’t allow you automate chat behavior, set up rules, integrate with your CRM system, or manage your reps effectively. Moreover, you won’t be able to customize your chat invitations, surveys, etc. to adhere to brand guidelines.

Only enterprise live chat solutions allow users to explore sophisticated multi-platform integrations, workflow automation, advanced reporting, top-of-the-line security, among other key functions.

Here are 4 ways an enterprise live chat solution is a better value to industry leading organizations:

#1 Effective Integrations

Basic tools are just that: basic. Cheap live chat solutions don’t integrate with CRM, eCommerce, service desks, or other systems the way Velaro live chat does. Through integrations, Velaro users are able to update CRM records, automate chat sessions to trigger when a customer abandons a shopping cart, and more. Without comprehensive integrations, companies are unable to leverage valuable live chat information to adapt business operations and ultimately prevent customer attrition and abandonment.

#2 Better Workflow Options

With Velaro live chat, it’s easy to automate chat sessions, assign chats based on predetermined rules or a rep’s skill set, manage agent scheduling, and streamline inquiry hand offs. Basic chat tools simply can’t withstand the demands of complex organizations with specific needs. Just like customers, no interactions are exactly the same. Basic tools fall short by a mile when it comes to streamlining processes and creating a smooth customer experience.

#3 Customized Reporting

Beyond rudimentary chat logs and counts, basic live chat tools can’t deep dive into chat metrics across service platforms to provide transparent visibility into customer service metrics. An enterprise live chat solution like Velaro delivers these types of additional insights, allowing your company to schedule reports, trigger automatic chat reviews, and delve into results on a rep-by-rep basis. Report on customer-based metrics, rep-based metrics, and company-level live chat data. The more data you have at your fingertips, the more you’ll be able to cater your offerings to both prospective and current customers.

#4 Enterprise Security

In this day and age, security is a non-negotiable component of any successful partnership. Basic chat tools do not provide the added layers of protection, and these options can actually open your site to added vulnerability. Enterprise live chat solutions like Velaro offer rock-solid role-based security, enterprise-level password management, 256-bit SSL encryption, and sensitive data masking. Retain peace of mind and keep customer information secure with data storage that meets your specific internal and external regulations.


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