customer service online chat effectivenessWith business owners and sales teams alike looking for the next big idea to transform the way they do business online, many have turned to both sales and customer service online chat.

With more and more consumers turning to the web, live chat can be a vital tool in any business arsenal, providing immediate results on bottom line due to efficiency and consumer satisfaction.

However, what you may not know is that you might not be getting the absolute most out of your customer service online chat software. With a few simple practices put into place, your live chat platform can become even more effective.

Here are five ways to make your customer service online chat more effective:

  1. Consider Using Inside Sales Staff

    Many companies will simply use customer service representatives to man their live chat efforts. However, consider the effects of using an inside sales staff to do the job.

    Sales staff are not only well versed in product or service offerings, but also have the experience needed to lead more customers towards sales, effectively increasing upselling opportunities.

  2. Provide Customers With a Transcript

    Providing transcripts for customer reference can greatly effect both the customer satisfaction rate and the efficiency of your efforts. This is especially effective when providing detailed technical support or step by step instructions.


  1. Use Premade Messages

    Premade messages provide two crucial benefits to your customer service online chat offering. The first of which is the fact that for frequently asked questions, your live chat representatives have quick responses at their disposal, and won’t need to spend extra time crafting them individually.

    The other benefit is to ensure brand messaging and consistency. By providing a consistent message to frequent questions, consumers are getting the same information no matter the circumstances.

  2. Use Targeted Proactive Chats

    Proactive chat, either manual or automatically generated can both answer consumer questions in real time, and ultimately have an increased effect on conversion rate.

    Based on what portion of the site a visitor is viewing, or specific product they are researching, proactive chat messaging can give users the answers and reassurance they need to purchase.

  3. Collect Vital Customer Information

    By using integrated chat surveys not only will you gain a better understanding of the needs of your customers, but will have the ability to tailor your offerings and presentation to better accomodate them.

    Whether deployed on your website, embedded in an email or pushed via chat windows, customer surveys are a vital aspect of gaining information concerning customer needs, wants and expectations.